A Sequel to DAYS GONE Is Just a Matter of Time, Creative Director and Writer Jeff Ross Suggests


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A Sequel to DAYS GONE Is Just a Matter of Time,  Creative Director and Writer Jeff Ross Suggests

Days Gone may not be the most beloved PS4-exclusive title out there, but Bend Studio's first big-budget project in a good while has been selling like crazy — so killing Sony's new golden goose would definitely be a strange move on the company's part.

While nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, chances are that the American developer is already hard at work on a full-blown sequel to the original Days Gone

During a recent chat with a fan of the open-world game on Twitter, Creative Director and Writer Jeff Ross revealed that enthusiasts of Days Gone should "stay tuned" for possible updates on Days Gone 2.

Bend Studio doesn't try to hide its eagerness to further explore the developer's first original (even if slightly zombie-infested) universe since 1999's Syphon Filter.

Furthermore, in last year's interview with GamesRadar, Bend Studio Director Chris Reece said: "This is a world that we want to keep breathing more life into, and explore many, many different avenues. So who knows, we'll see!," suggesting that Deacon Lee St. John's story isn't over yet.

Considering that the long-awaited PlayStation 4 successor will debut at some point this holiday season, it's safe to say that the rumoured Days Gone 2 will be a next-gen title that won't launch anytime soon.

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