HUNT: SHOWDOWN Gets a PS4 Release Date; Crytek Reveals Future Plans for the Bounty Hunting Game


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HUNT: SHOWDOWN Gets a PS4 Release Date; Crytek Reveals Future Plans for the Bounty Hunting Game

Crytek has proudly revealed that the PlayStation 4 edition of Hunt: Showdown will finally launch on February 18 — as the award-winning German studio is working hard on a brand-new update that will include cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation. The next drop of content will also introduce players to a fresh map.

With the inclusion of said free update (1.2), Hunt: Showdown will get a whole lot bigger, reportedly featuring "random teams of three, an advanced tutorial, new Legendary Hunters, and new equipment and weapons across the board. You can also expect server-side performance improvements, client CPU performance fixes, and a number of other general bug fixes."

Furthermore, Crytek is planning to bring a "solo PvE mode, live-event and outfit customisation" to their latest production in the coming months. 

In other news, Showdown will be published on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by Koch Media from now on.

With Koch handling the publishing side of things, our development team can put all of their focus on continuing to develop and optimize Hunt across platforms, together with our community,” Crytek CEO Avni Yerli said in a press release. “While we focus on development, Koch will apply their immense digital and retail publishing expertise to the title, supporting the game’s continued growth. We can’t wait to see what PlayStation players think of the game, and to continue to bring new content to all our players in the coming year.”

At its core, Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person PvP bounty hunting title — and also one of the most successful and praised projects in the Crysis studio's recent history. Check it out:

Savage, nightmarish monsters roam the Louisiana swamps, and you are part of a group of rugged bounty hunters bound to rid the world of their ghastly presence. Banish these creatures from our world, and you will be paid generously—and given the chance to buy more gruesome and powerful weapons. Fail, and death will strip you of both character and gear. Your experience, however, remains in your pool of hunters—called your Bloodline—always.

Hunt: Showdown is currently available for Xbox One and PC (via Steam); coming to PlayStation 4 on February 18.

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