SHADOW WARRIOR Creators Will Officially Announce Two Never-Before-Seen Projects This Year


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SHADOW WARRIOR Creators Will Officially Announce Two Never-Before-Seen Projects This Year

Flying Wild Hog, the award-winning Polish game developer that gave us Hard Reset and the new Shadow Warrior games, has revealed that two of the three brand-new projects the studio is currently working on will be officially announced this year.

In an interview with Wccftech, Flying Wild Hog CEO Michał Szustak confirmed that the original plan to unveil the two aforementioned titles in the coming months hasn't changed one bit. "Our dream obviously is to have all our games with the highest quality possible," Szustak said. "We were always, you know, floating into this triple-A/indie area. So we hope that we can actually leave this area with the two projects we are going to announce this year. So it's going to be something huge for us. In my opinion, we will finally deliver a full triple-A experience with these two titles. The third title is a little smaller, but it's still an original action game with awesome quality and fun."

While Flying Wild Hog's first major game — Hard Reset — was self-published, it sounds like the company's next few games will hit stores with the help of an internationally operating publisher. "We really love working with Devolver. We love Devolver. But honestly, we self-published only one game in our history (Hard Reset) and it wasn't a success. So we learned that we should be focused on what we do best, making games, and we find the right partner to sell the games to the audience. Honestly, I would prefer to work with a partner that actually understands our values and like working with us and just take this burden from our shoulders," Szustak added.

The future of Flying Wild Hog is being forged by over 200 developers, working in three locations in Poland.

Between Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light 2, Outriders, Medium, and now two big-budget games designed at Flying Wild Hog, 2020 is shaping up to be a truly spectacular year for the Polish game-development scene.

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