Helicopter Shooter COMANCHE Is Now Available on Steam Early Access; Solo Campaign Is in the Works


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Helicopter Shooter COMANCHE Is Now Available on Steam Early Access; Solo Campaign Is on the Way

It's been some time since the last Comanche video game — as Comanche 4 was released nineteen years ago — but the modern helicopter shooter series is finally back, with THQ Nordic's Comanche now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99.

Although NovaLogic, the developer and publisher responsible for the first four Comanche games, closed its doors in 2016, its assets were immediately purchased by THQ Nordic. The new Comanche title is being created at NUKKLEAR, an independent game development studio based in Hannover and Berlin.

At the start of the game's aforementioned Early Access Phase, Comanche offers the following game modes:

"As requested by the community, Comanche will get a singleplayer campaign. Starting with one mission available from March 12th on, developer Nukklear will add new missions on a regular basis."

"The 4vs4 team-based multiplayer will start with two modes, one called Black Box, the other Infiltration. In Black Box, the goal is to collect more black boxes from destroyed Comanches with your drone. You can collect both enemy and friendly black boxes using the drone, so this mode guarantees intense team fights at close range. Infiltration again combines helicopter combat and drone piloting: your objective is to either defend or infiltrate a base. Attackers must place an EMP, defenders must disarm it."

Flight & Combat Training:
"In a variety of different missions, you can learn how to fly your Comanche and its drone to familiarise yourself with the flight controls and how to maneuver in combat. As Comanche requires some practice before you become a good pilot, we highly recommend players check out the training missions."

Quite interestingly, Comanche was originally announced as a multiplayer-only title, so its newly revealed single-player campaign is definitely a welcome addition, with the player making a difference "in a conflict of global proportions." Without further ado, take a look at the latest trailer for Comanche down below:

Comanche is a modern helicopter shooter set in the near future. You have the choice to delve into the evolving singleplayer and make a difference in a conflict of global proportions or compete with other Comanche players from all around the world in the explosive team-based multiplayer modes.

Comanche is currently available on Steam Early Access.

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