The Ending of Gore Verbinski's BIOSHOCK Film Would've Been Bleaker Than the Original Game


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The Ending of Gore Verbinski's BIOSHOCK Film Would've Been Bleaker Than the Original Game

Long before the current renaissance of video game movies (let's hope that Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't just a fluke), Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Director Gore Verbinski had been trying to get BioShock off the ground. While his take on the cult-classic game was cancelled in 2010, its legacy lives on.

Life works in mysterious ways, and Birth.Movies.Death.'s Scott Wampler recently came into possession of the movie's finished screenplay, which was written by Oscar nominee John Logan (Gladiator, Skyfall).

According to Wampler, Verbinski's BioShock would've been something truly special and unique — and quite surprisingly, also faithful to the source material. Just like 2007's cult-classic, the movie's story would've been focused on Jack's quest to escape from Rapture — a ruined city at the bottom of the ocean.

Taking into account that Verbinski's movie was supposed to be an R-rated drama, it's not surprising that the ending would've left the audience in a state of absolute shock.

Although BioShock featured three different endings, only one of them was a "happy" one, with the main hero and a group of the Little Sisters living happily ever after as a family. "Logan opted for the darker ending in his telling of the tale," Wampler said. "This is notable for its ballsiness, but it's also notable because...I mean...honestly, I'm shocked this project, with that ending, got as far along as it did before Universal pulled the plug. It's a bleak, ugly finale, and I can't help but wonder if general audiences would've been onboard for it."

Given that BioShock's worst ending basically teased a nuclear holocaust, with the Splicers waging war upon the surface world, it's pretty clear why Universal ultimately decided to put the project on "indefinite hiatus."

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