CD Projekt Officially Becomes Most Valuable Polish Company Based on Market Capitalization


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CD Projekt Officially Becomes Most Valuable Polish Company Based on Market Capitalization

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Warsaw stock exchange is hitting lows not seen since the 2009 financial crisis, but one Polish company has many reasons to celebrate despite the market crash — and that company is CD Projekt. The award-winning studio responsible for The Witcher and the fast-approaching Cyberpunk 2077 is officially the most valuable Polish company with a PLN 26.9 billion market capitalisation.

The major financial crisis is impacting banking sectors all around the world, and Poland's (now second) biggest company PKO Bank Polski is no exception, dropping as much as 36% from last month's highs.

Although it's a massive and undisputed accomplishment, it's worth remembering that the revenue gap between CD Projekt and PKO Bank Polski is huge. While CDP posted PLN 363 million in revenues and PLN 109 million in net profit in 2018, PKO Bank Polski generated nearly PLN 4 billion in revenue just last year.

CD Projekt's next release — the aforementioned Cyberpunk 2077 — hits stores on the 17th of September.

What is comes to the video game industry, CD Projekt still is the second-biggest gaming company in Europe, with French Ubisoft being the continent's obvious (and unchallenged for the time being) leader.

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