Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Explains Why Platinum Games' SCALEBOUND Will Probably Never Be Revived


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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Explains Why Platinum Games' SCALEBOUND Will Probably Never Be Revived

Before its current renaissance, the award-winning team at PlatinumGames had been developing Scalebound, an ambitious action-adventure video game featuring enormous weapons, huge monsters and even bigger dragons. Unfortunately, the Microsoft-produced action-packed title was officially canned in January 2017.

During an interview with IGN, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer explained why Scalebound never came to fruition.

According to Spencer, Scalebound was announced too early, as both PlatinumGames and Microsoft needed more time to create a clear vision for what they wanted from the project. Unfortunately, at some point in its development it became painfully obvious that both teams should just move on and focus on other projects.

Despite the Scalebound fiasco, Spencer has a "ton of respect" for PlatinumGames and Director Hideki Kamiya, and even regularly talks to the creators of NieR: Automata and The Wonderful 101: Remastered.

Although many Xbox One and PC players would love to play Scalebound one day, it seems that neither studio is currently even thinking about reviving the cancelled video game. "We’re not working on it. I’m not at Platinum today, but I’m almost positive they’re not working on it," Spencer explained.

"It’s something we’ve all moved past, and it’s not a moment that I see as a high point for me in my role, having to cancel a game that we’ve talked about for years… But yeah, for the people out there that are kinda thinking that maybe there’s some things still in the works, there is not," he concluded.

Taking into account that PlatinumGames has successfully managed to reinvent itself after the Scalebound cancellation — as the beloved Japanese studio is currently working on at least four (!) major projects (the aforementioned The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Bayonetta 3, Baylon's Fall and Project G.G.) — it's safe to say that Scalebound won't make a return anytime soon, if it ever launches at all.

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