EA and Crytek Are Seemingly Getting Ready to Officially Announce All-New CRYSIS Video Game


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Crytek Is Seemingly Getting Ready to Officially Announce All-New Entry in the CRYSIS Series

Crytek — the award-winning video game developer responsible for the first Far Cry and the groundbreaking Crysis franchise — is seemingly getting ready to officially announce its next big thing; possibly a brand-new entry in the latter series. Quite interestingly, the studio has not released a new title since Hunt: Showdown.

Crysis' official Twitter account has been dark since December 13, 2016, when it shared a link to a fan-made video featuring the classic Predator and Major Laurence "Prophet" Barnes, the main protagonist of Crysis 3.

Today that finally changed, with the account coming back to life after years of waiting. The tweet reads: "RECEIVING DATA," suggesting that something Crysis-related will be revealed sooner rather than later.

During the promotional campaign for Crysis 3, the game's producer Michael Read said the following about a follow-up to the boundary-pushing threequel: "[Crysis 3] is the last Crysis game that you’ll see within this story bubble. I think we need to really go back and look at the Crysis franchise and the series and build up what we would refer to as the Crysis universe. [...] There are so many different directions that we could go in right now and when we have something to talk about we’ll get it out there."

For those unfamiliar with Crytek's most successful brand, the main Crysis series consists of four graphically impeccable video games — 2007's Crysis, 2008's Crysis: Warhead, 2011's Crysis 2, and 2013's Crysis 3.

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