CRYSIS Protagonist Nomad Might Make a Return in Long-Rumoured Next Entry in Crytek Series


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CRYSIS Protagonist Nomad Might Make a Return in Long-Rumoured Next Entry in Crytek Series

The team at Electronic Arts is not planning to stop teasing a new Crysis game anytime soon, as the company has taken to Twitter to basically confirm that Nomad will return in the long-awaited production in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately, we still have no idea if we're talking about a remake or an original title here.

EA's message is short — "Hey Nomad, you're still with us?" — but it has already reached 15.000 likes on Twitter alone, which suggests that the fanbase is ready for a new adventure in the Crytek-created universe.

For those unfamiliar with Crytek's most successful brand, Nomad is the main protagonist of the first Crysis.

It is the second tweet to come from the account since 2016, as the profile came back to life just yesterday, with a tweet simply reading "RECEIVING DATA" — but it was more than enough to ignite fans' imagination.

Whatever the mysterious project actually is, it could hint at EA's shift in release strategy. If this new Crysis title is successful, there's certainly a good chance that some the company's older brands — including Dead Space, Mass Effect, The Saboteur, Army of Two, and Skate — will also make a return one day. Check it out:

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