Remaster of First CRYSIS Won't Include Its Original Stand-Alone Expansion CRYSIS WARHEAD


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Crytek has officially confirmed that the long-rumoured Crysis Remastered will include only an enhanced version of the groundbreaking original when it releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC at some point this summer. The exact launch date for Crysis Remastered has not been revealed yet, unfortunately.

According to the initial press release, "Crysis Remastered will focus on the original game’s single-player campaigns and is slated to contain high-quality textures and improved art assets," suggesting that 2008's Crysis Warhead (and possibly even Crysis 2 and Crysis 3) would also get the remaster treatment.

The team at Inverse reached out to the German studio to clear up some of the public's confusion. "Crysis Remastered is just the original game," a Crytek representative told the website. "It won’t include Warhead [Crysis' PC-exclusive stand-alone expansion] or any of the other games from the series."

Although it's still not clear what "the original game’s single-player campaigns" was supposed to mean, at least we know for a fact that Crysis Remastered will offer players the chance to revisit only the 2007 classic.

As a reminder, Crysis Remastered is being created at Saber Interactive, the Maplewood-based developer responsible for the Nintendo Switch port of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and zombie shooter World War Z.

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