PC Edition of HALO 2: ANNIVERSARY Will Be Released in a Week's Time; Microsoft Shares Intense Trailer


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PC Edition of HALO 2: ANNIVERSARY Will Be Released in a Week's Time; Microsoft Shares Intense Trailer

The PC port of 343 Industries' Halo 2: Anniversary will officially hit stores on the 12th of May, allowing all fans of first-person shooters to witness Master Chief’s long-overdue return to Earth to stop the ongoing Covenant invasion. As a reminder, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's PC version debuted in March.

Halo 2: Anniversary comes to PC as the next instalment in 2014's Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which consists of six fan-favourite video games — Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST Campaign, Halo: Reach, and finally Halo 4. The bundle is currently priced at $39.99 on Steam.

Without further ado, take a closer look at this brand-new overview of Halo 2: Anniversary's core features:

  • PC Settings/Optimizations: Halo 2: Anniversary is now optimized for PC and looking better than ever at up to 4k UHD and at 60+ FPS.* Other PC native settings include customizable mouse and keyboard support, ultrawide support, FOV customization, and more.

  • Campaign: Experience the next chapter in the Halo saga and fight your way through 15 unforgettable missions. Play as both Spartan-117, the Master Chief, and for the first time, the Covenant Elite, known as the Arbiter, and experience the Human-Covenant Conflict in a whole new way.

  • Anniversary Edition/Update: Toggle between the remastered graphics in the Anniversary edition and the graphics from the original Halo 2 campaign. In the Anniversary edition, view Blur Studio’s spectacularly remastered cutscenes from the original Halo 2 game.

  • Multiplayer: Continue your Halo adventure with 7 remastered multiplayer maps from Halo 2: Anniversary and 25 [...] maps from the original Halo 2, featuring a completely updated progression system.

Considering that both Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo: Reach are now available on PC — with Halo 2: Anniversary launching next week — it's safe to say that the already announced PC port of Halo 3 will launch in the near future. In the meantime, check out the latest teaser for Halo 2: Anniversary right now:

Halo 2: Anniversary comes to PC as the next installment in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Now optimized for PC, experience the impeccably remastered edition of the original Halo 2 game. Following the destruction of Halo, humankind experiences a short-lived victory. Eager for revenge, the Covenant launches a surprise attack on Earth, but they find themselves ill-prepared to defeat the UNSC’s home fleet and are forced to flee into slipspace. When the Master Chief pursues his overzealous enemies, they discover yet another Halo ring, uncovering long-buried secrets, including an unlikely ally, that will dramatically alter the course of the Human-Covenant Conflict forever.

Halo 2: Anniversary is currently available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One; coming to PC (via Steam and the Microsoft Store) on May 12, 2020.

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