FURY UNLEASHED Gets Launch Trailer as Combo-Driven Rougelite Is Now Available for PS4, XBO, NS & PC


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FURY UNLEASHED Gets Launch Trailer as Combo-Driven Rougelite Is Now Available for PS4, XBO, NS & PC

After five years in development, Awesome Games Studio's Fury Unleashed is finally available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam), trying fill the void left by The Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy, and Dead Cells. That's right, Fury Unleashed is a rouge-lite action platformer, at least at its core.

According to the Cracow-based game developer, their biggest title to date was created by "combining inspiration from modern roguelite platformers, like Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy, with nostalgic memories of old-school platformer shooters, like Contra and Metal Slug. We have spent five years polishing our creation to make sure that your experience with the game will be as memorable as the aforementioned titles and we wholeheartedly believe that you won't be disappointed."

Just like Liberated — which is also being designed by a Polish studio, Atomic Wolf — Fury Unleashed is an interactive comic book, allowing players to "explore the pages of a living comic book where ink is your most valuable resource and each room is a comic panel. Find out why is John Kowalsky, author of acclaimed Fury Unleashed series having a creativity crisis and see if you can help him deal with it."

Currently sitting at a pretty sweet 79% score on Metacritic, Fury Unleashed is definitely worth a closer look, especially if you're also a fan of the acclaimed projects that have helped the team bring their vision to life.

Without further ado, take a closer look at the action-packed launch trailer for Fury Unleashed down below:

Fury Unleashed is a combo-driven roguelite action platformer - each kill you score increases your combo. Hit certain thresholds and your damage resistance and healing powers will kick in! It's a game you can even beat in one, ultimate combo. Are you up for the task?

Fury Unleashed is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

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