Older Chris Redfield Steals the Show in RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE Announcement Trailer


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Older Chris Redfield Steals the Show in RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE Announcement Trailer

After a seemingly never-ending series of unverified leaks and various rumours, Capcom has finally revealed the next numbered entry — well, "numbered" might be a bit of a stretch — in its biggest game series, titled Resident Evil: Village. The newly announced game will serve as a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Resident Evil: Village is a full-blown next-gen title that is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC at some point next year. Akin to its predecessors — namely 2017's RE7: Biohazard, 2019's RE2, and 2020's RE3 — the horror will be powered by the RE Engine, which means that Village will be a bone-chilling eye candy.

Just like the 2017 classic, Village will be a first-person horror, but instead of fighting zombies, the all-new game's main hero — RE7: Biohazard's Ethan Winters — will also face witches, cultists, and even werewolves.

According to the Japanese studio, Village will be set years after the tragic events of RE7: Biohazard, with Ethan and his wife, Mia, starting a new life somewhere deep in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, their happy marriage will be put to the test after Chris Redfield — who has aged considerably — suddenly shows up to disrupt their life, "throwing a devastated Ethan into a new and twisted nightmare in search of answers."

It's worth remembering that the long-running Resident Evil series has officially sold well over 100 million units worldwide, so it's safe to say that Village is not the only RE game Capcom is currently working on (and chances are Tatsuya Minami and his team at M-Two are already developing a remake of Resident Evil 4).

Capcom has also confirmed that more information on Resident Evil: Village will be shared this August, and while we're patiently waiting for new details about the title, check out its announcement trailer down below:

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