CONTROL: THE FOUNDATION Is Out Now on Xbox One; Game Will Be Playable on PS5 and XSX


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CONTROL: THE FOUNDATION Is Out Now on Xbox One; Game Will Be Playable on PS5 and XSX

The first story DLC for Remedy Entertainment's latest title is now available for Xbox One, giving fans of Jesse Faden's gravity-defying adventures a chance to further explore the ever-changing Federal Bureau of Control.

The Foundation expansion — currently priced at $18.99, but it is also included in the game's season pass (available for $33.99) — focuses on the repercussions of the Astral Plane's collision with our reality. During her new journey, Jesse will learn more about Helen Marshall, the Bureau's Head of Operations, and her fate.

As a friendly reminder, The Foundation was released on PlayStation 4 and PC in March. For those who have already finished the DLC, the game's second major content drop — titled AWE — will launch simultaneously across PS4, XBO, and PC at some point this summer, re-introducing players to the dark world of Alan Wake.

In other Control-related news, the award-winning developer has confirmed that the supernatural action-adventure title will be playable on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X "at a later date." Considering that last year's sleeper hit still has serious frame-rate issues (even on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X), fans of Remedy who have not given Control a fair shot yet should definitely keep an eye on its next-gen ports.

With the AWE DLC finally making its debut in the near future, we should learn a whole lot more about the brand-new expansion in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a look at The Foundation down below:

Control: You are Jesse Faden, a young woman with a troubled past. You become the new Director of the Bureau of Control – Our frontline in researching and fighting against supernatural enemies like the Hiss threatening our very existence. You’ll uncover the secret activities of the Bureau agents and explore the strange and shifting halls of the Bureau’s headquarters, The Oldest House. Unlock new abilities with Objects of Power and upgrade your Service Weapon to take on bigger and more powerful enemies. Venture into lost sectors in the challenging Expeditions mode. Solve puzzles and complete quests to discover the secret of Jesse’s past and the true purpose of the Bureau of Control. Above all, you must defeat the relentless Hiss.

Control is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via the EGS); coming to Steam in August, will arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at a later date.

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