New PRINCE OF PERSIA Game Might Be Announced Soon According to Seemingly Official Twitter Account


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New PRINCE OF PERSIA Game Might Be Announced Soon According to Seemingly Official Twitter Account

Dear Prince of Persia fans, hear me and rejoice, as the team at Ubisoft is seemingly getting ready to officially announce the first big video game starring the titular hero since 2010's Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.

Spotted by Reddit user NayamAmarshe — who might be the biggest fan of the franchise on the planet — a private Twitter page for Prince of Persia went live in May. Although it's not clear if it belongs to Ubisoft, the account's recovery email looks like this: "pr******************@u******.***" — with the "u******" possibly standing for "Ubisoft" — leading to speculation that said Twitter handle was registered by the studio itself.

The aforementioned e-mail address also indicates that the long-rumoured Prince of Persia game will have a relatively short subtitle with only 6 letters. And what's even more interesting, rumour has it that the long-awaited title will actually be a full-blown remake of the original trilogy — and "remake" is a 6-letter word.

Considering that Ubisoft has been trying to make a new Prince of Persia game for years now — for example, action-packed gameplay footage from Ubisoft Montreal's cancelled Prince of Persia: Redemption recently surfaced online — the fact that the series might finally return soon is nothing short of downright amazing.

As a reminder, the French studio's Ubisoft Forward press conference will take place on the 12th of July, so chances are that the remake of the Sands of Time trilogy will step in the spotlight sooner rather than later.

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