MACHINARIUM Makers Share New CREAKS Trailer; Puzzle Game Is Coming to PS4, XBO, NS & PC in July


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MACHINARIUM Makers Share New CREAKS Trailer; Puzzle Game Is Coming to PS4, XBO, NS & PC in July

Fans of Amanita Design's work should be more than happy to hear that the Czech studio's next big thing — Creaks — is officially coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC at some point this month.

For those unfamiliar with Creaks, it's an all-new puzzle game created by the award-winning team responsible for Samorost. According to Amanita, Creaks is an ambitious project that "delights the senses with its hand-painted visuals, precise animation, eerie sounds, and an [...] original score from Hidden Orchestra."

To get the most out of your Creaks experience, the beloved developer is recommending playing their next big thing with a controller and a good pair of headphones. Considering that Amanita's previous titles — including Machinarium and Botanicula — hold up incredibly well thanks to the studio's eclectic, detailed art style, it's safe to say that Creaks will be yet another mesmerising adventure designed by the renowned team.

As a friendly reminder, Machinarium was recently released for Xbox One, which means that the classic title is currently available for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, PC, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, and its current-gen brother.

While we're patiently waiting for Creaks' concrete release date and pricing details, be sure to take a look at the fast-approaching game's wonderfully creative — yet strangely unsettling — launch trailer down below: 

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