FAR CRY 6 Leaks Ahead of Ubisoft Forward; Players Will Ignite Revolution in Tropical Paradise


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FAR CRY 6 Leaks Ahead of Ubisoft Forward; Players Will Ignite Revolution in Tropical Paradise

Although the Ubisoft Forward event will take place this Sunday, plenty of exciting details on Far Cry 6 have already leaked online — and yes, Better Call Saul star Giancarlo Esposito will play the shooter's main villain.

According to a now-deleted PlayStation Store Hong Kong listing, Far Cry 6 will be released on February 18, 2021, which means that the sixth numbered entry in the action-packed franchise will make its debut almost exactly three years after the launch of Far Cry 5, one of the French company's biggest sales hits to date.

In Far Cry 6, the player will take on the role of guerrilla fighter Danny, a citizen of Yala, "a tropical paradise where time has stopped." Unfortunately for the main hero and his brethren, the Cuba-like country is ruled by a ruthless dictator, Anton Castillo — played by the Breaking Bad actor — and his young son, Diego.

As expected, their imperial ambitions and relentless oppression have ignited the fire of revolution that will consume Yala's jungles, beaches, and the sunny country's capital — the biggest urban area in Far Cry yet.

Fans of the explosive franchise who are already thinking about purchasing a next-gen console and playing Far Cry 6 should be happy to hear that its PS5 edition will be free for all PS4 players, as the title will offer a cost-free upgrade on PS5 for PS4 owners (and on Xbox Series X for Xbox One fans via Xbox Smart Delivery).

Sadly, we still know next to nothing about Far Cry 6's gameplay mechanics, activities, and online mode — although it seems that Far Cry 5's Guns for Hire will return in Far Cry 6 — Ubisoft will definitely share new information about the cross-gen shooting extravaganza during its fast-approaching E3-esque show that will start at 9PM CEST. In the meantime, take a closer look at the open-world game's leaked key art down below:

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