Adrian Chmielarz's WITCHFIRE Enters Full Production Nearly Three Years After Its Official Announcement


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Adrian Chmielarz's WITCHFIRE Enters Full Production Nearly Three Years After Its Official Announcement

Witchfire Creative Director Adrian Chmielarz has finally provided an update about what's happening with his next big thing — and it sounds like the ambitious first-person shooter won't make its debut anytime soon.

According to Chmielarz, Witchfire has only recently entered full production, which means that the game — which was officially announced at The Game Awards 2017 — may not arrive until late 2021 at the earliest.

"For quite a while now we know exactly what the game is," the Bulletstorm director said in a blog post. "Some solutions may change, but we know [...] what makes Witchfire fun. The development does not feel like prototyping and soul searching anymore, for quite some time now we’re just making the game. Now it’s just the question of how much of the game a team of eight can do in a day… Not a lot on the surface level, and a lot if you consider the level of difficulty of making a modern 3D shooter."

Considering that The Astronauts' first big-budget title — 2014's The Vanishing of Ethan Carter — turned out to be a fairly sizeable hit (and one of the best-reviewed "walking simulators" ever made), it's safe to say that Witchfire will be absolutely worth the wait; allowing players to explore a dark world where witches are real.

While we're patiently waiting for more details on the game, take a look at two never-before-seen Witchfire screenshots that put the spotlight on its universe and an all-new (and pretty big) enemy type down below:

During the 300 years of European witch hunts that started in the 15th century, tens of thousands of women, men and children lost their lives due to superstition, politics and profit. But that’s our history and our world. In the world of Witchfire, witches are real. And you are the punishing hand of the Church.

Witchfire is coming to PC.

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