It's Time to Leave Earth and Explore the Milky Way in SOLAR EXPANSE Announcement Trailer


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It's Time to Leave Earth and Explore the Milky Way in SOLAR EXPANSE Announcement Trailer

The team at Games Operators (Radio Commander, Paws and Soul) has announced a completely original title about space exploration that will allow you to lead the space race and colonise as many planets as possible.

Developed at Warsaw-based Jutsu Games (112 Operator, Rustler: Prologue), the newly revealed Solar Expanse will arrive on PC (via Steam) before the next Mars landing — so it should make its debut before February 18.

According to the Polish publisher, your ultimate goal in the upcoming Age of Wonders: Planetfall–like project won't be too complicated — as you will be making "the moons and planets of the solar system habitable. This task will take centuries, enormous resources, technologies and thousands of rocket flights. Move the water asteroids from the asteroid belt to Mars. Mine Io and Titan for necessary resources."

Furthemore, Solar Expanse will allow you to push the boundaries of humanity's expansion into space, as you will have a chance to explore not only the Solar System, but also other real and procedurally generated systems, including "Alpha & Proxima, Centauri, Trappist, Gliese & Kepler systems… you name them!"

Without further ado, take a look at the action-packed announcement trailer for Solar Expanse down below:

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