Learn How to Colonise Our Solar System With First Trailer for Jutsu Games' SOLAR EXPANSE


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Learn How to Colonise Our Solar System With First Trailer for Jutsu Games' SOLAR EXPANSE

Polish publisher Games Operators has released the very first trailer for Jutsu Games' recently revealed Solar Expanse, a brand-new 4X space game that will arrive on Steam before the Perseverance rover reaches Mars.

Quite interestingly, the Endless Space–like project's title is quite misleading, as Solar Expanse will allow you to do your very best to colonise not only our Solar System, but also Alpha Centauri and the TRAPPIST-1 system.

"Your ultimate goal will be to make the moons and planets of the solar system habitable," the studio said. "This task will take centuries, enormous resources, technologies and thousands of rocket flights. Move the water asteroids from the asteroid belt to Mars. Mine Io and Titan for necessary resources."

As a reminder, the RTS isn't the only title Jutsu Games and Games Operators are currently developing, as the Warsaw-based companies are also working on Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) and 112 Operator - Facilities

To learn more about the core game mechanics of Jutsu Games' answer to Stellaris, check out this new trailer:

In Solar Expanse, you take the lead of one of the early XXI century space exploration companies. Your goal will be to reach the planets, moons and asteroids of the system in order to mine and colonize them. Optimize the costs and schedule of the flights. Mind that each object is in constant motion, so exact planning is crucial. Utilize the gravity effects and slingshots your rockets further beyond.

Solar Expanse is coming to PC (via Steam).

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