Hello Games Shares Cute Launch Trailer for THE LAST CAMPFIRE; Original Adventure Releases Today


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Hello Games Shares Cute Launch Trailer for THE LAST CAMPFIRE; Original Adventure Releases Today

After a long wait, The Last Campfire — created by Hello Games, the team responsible for No Man's Sky — is finally available on a plethora of platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC.

Unfortunately for some PC users, The Last Campfire is a timed Epic Games Store exclusive. According to the Guildford-based game developer and publisher, their new big thing will arrive on Steam sometime next year.

For those unfamiliar with the newly released title, it's an action-adventure game set in a colourful universe filled with angry creatures and ancient ruins. As a small ember, you will try to find your way home and light the titular campfire to bring hope to the storybook world designed by the creative minds behind LostWinds.

Although The Last Campfire is published by Hello Games, you probably shouldn't expect another gigantic, procedurally generated game with no boundaries, as the title was brought to life by a small, 3-person team.

To celebrate The Last Campfire's debut, Hello Games has released a truly charming launch trailer for their original take on thatgamecompany's Journey and Tequila Works' Rime. Be sure to check it out down below:

The Last Campfire is an adventure, a story of a lost ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home. Travel deeper into the lands beyond the dark forest and overcome the adversities before you. Discover beautiful wilderness filled with lost folk, strange creatures and mysterious ruins. Find hope and carry it with you on your Journey to light The Last Campfire.

The Last Campfire is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC (via the EGS); coming to Steam in 2021.

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