Lince Works Has Officially Announced Cross-Gen Sequel to 2016's Sleeper Hit ARAGAMI


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Lince Works Has Officially Announced Cross-Gen Sequel to 2016's Sleeper Hit ARAGAMI

Game developer and publisher Lince Works has some truly fantastic news for all fans of 2016's stealth game Aragami, as the Spanish team is officially working on a cross-gen follow-up to their successful debut project.

Aragami 2 is coming in early 2021 and will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC (via Steam). Although the original title is also available for Nintendo Switch, Lince Works had not revealed any plans to bring the upcoming game to the hybrid console at the time of this writing.

According to the Barcelona-based studio, this time you will be able to control the shadows with up to two friends in co-op. Considering that Aragami 2 will feature three skill trees with 42 powers in total, chances are that the newly announced third-person adventure will be much, much longer than its beloved predecessor.

"We really didn't want just to make the same game," Game Director David Leon told GameSpot. "After the game launched [...] we decided that we wanted to expand the universe and story of the game. It was a bit crazy, but we had to make a new game from scratch. It's a very different kind of sequel. While it's the same world, and it's still a stealth game, so much has changed in the sense of how this character moves around the environment, the new combat mechanics, and the multiplayer. The scope is [...] larger, and it's very much a different kind of beast of a game. It's somewhat of a semi-open-world structure. With that said, we're still an indie studio, and we're building in the way that feels right for us and the [...] IP. This sequel is much closer to the vision we had in mind for the original."

To learn more about the core features and co-op mode of Aragami 2, take a look at these all-new trailers:

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