GAMEDEC Adds Switch Version; Developer Anshar Discusses Cyberpunk Setting and In-Game Choices


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GAMEDEC Adds Nintendo Switch Version; Anshar Studios Discusses Cyberpunk Setting and In-Game Choices

Although CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely the biggest new video game inspired by the world created by Mike Pondsmith, fans of his universe should also pay close attention to Anshar Studios' Gamedec.

Just like the upcoming CEO Slayer, I, the Inquisitor, and Komornik games, the Detached team's Gamedec is based on a Polish game series. In Marcin S. Przybyłek's hexalogy, the Warsaw City of the 22nd century is a dark place — as the tired Mother Nature goes to great lengths to destroy its greedy, ungrateful creation.

Forced to live in fortified communities, some folks spend way too much time in an interconnected, virtual realm that offer them the chance to mentally escape from the boring reality. Unfortunately, said sensory worlds can be quite confusing — but the titular gamedecs are always ready to help troubled citizens find their own place in the Ready Player One–like virtual-reality world — as long as they have enough money.

According to the Katowice-based developer, Gamedec's vast universe is quite liberating, as there will always be at least a couple of ways to approach every problem. But to your every reaction, there will be a reaction.

"We are aware that nowadays, every game is advertised as an RPG with choices and consequences," Community Manager Mateusz Greloch told GOG. "Still, we didn't feel that it was a complex system, and sometimes the decisions you had available weren't so different from each other or didn't represent what you wanted to do or say. We try to implement a system where your decisions change the course of the case you're on at the moment. If you save one character, they might appear in the next case and help you out. If you fail and fry a kid's brain, a parent will grief and never speak with you again."

During this year's gamescom, Anshar Studios revealed that Gamedec will arrive on Nintendo Switch at some point next year. As a reminder, the PC version will make its debut in 2020. Take a look at this all-new trailer:

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