Derek Yu's Long-Awaited Sequel to 2008's SPELUNKY Will Arrive on Steam Later This Month


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Derek Yu's Long-Awaited Sequel to 2008's SPELUNKY Will Arrive on Steam Later This Month

According to Spelunky creator Derek Yu, the long-awaited next entry in his most famous franchise will finally arrive on PC (exclusively via Steam) on September 29, only 2 weeks after its upcoming PlayStation 4 debut.

For those unfamiliar with the fast-approaching follow-up to one of the best-reviewed roguelike games in history, it will introduce new characters, including Ana Spelunky, the daughter of the original's protagonist. 

"In Spelunky 2, I really wanted to build up the lore and give each character more personality and backstory," Yu told GamesRadar. "None of this additional narrative will interrupt the basic flow of the game because a lot of it is relegated to the journal and Base Camp, which is essentially an expanded version of the entrance room in Spelunky where you could start a run or use shortcuts. Ultimately, the stories the player creates are the most important to Spelunky, but it makes their stories richer if the game's world feels like it's a living, breathing place," the award-winning designer and artist added.

As a friendly reminder, Spelunky 2 was first revealed at Paris Games Week back in 2017. In the brand-new sequel, up to 4 players will be able to team-up and explore the dark secrets of the Moon together in co-op.

If you just can't wait to learn more about the title, you should keep an eye on this month's EDGE Magazine. Without further ado, take a look at the outstanding EDGE cover art — starring Ana Spelunky — down below:

The sequel to the critically-acclaimed roguelike platformer Spelunky is in development and coming to PS4 and Steam! In Spelunky 2, the story deepens as more randomly-generated adventures beckon. What new secrets are lying in wait...?

Spelunky 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 on September 15 and PC (via Steam) on September 29, 2020.

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