PARADISE LOST Game Director Shares Some of His Inspiration for Upcoming Narrative-Based Adventure


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PARADISE LOST Game Director Shares Some of His Inspiration for Upcoming Narrative-Based Adventure

There's no denying that Paradise Lost is one fascinating title, as PolyAmorous' first major video game will give you the truly unique chance to wander around a fictional underground complex built for Nazi leaders. 

For those unfamiliar with PolyAmorous' long-awaited debut project, it's a story-driven walking simulator set in an abandoned bunker that was supposed to help mankind survive a nuclear holocaust unleashed by Hitler. As a young boy, you will freely explore the dark Nazi structure — reportedly combining elements of retro-futurism and Slavic-pagan aesthetic — to learn what happened to the last survivors of the apocalypse.

"We are a studio based in Warsaw, Poland, one of the most destroyed cities during WWII," Paradise Lost Game Director and Narrative Designer Bogdan Graczyk said during a recent AMA session on Reddit.

"There’s history on every corner. Walking the streets is inspirational in itself. We’re also inspired by the Slavic Folklore. We mixed those two elements together to tell a gut-wrenching story," he added.

It's worth remembering that Paradise Lost is a next-gen production that will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC (via Steam) at some point this year. While we're patiently waiting for more details about the All in! Games–published title, take a look at some brand-new screenshots and concept art down below:

Explore themes of retrofuturism, transhumanism, and grief in Paradise Lost, an emotion-driven post-apoc story. Discover the mystery of the underground city hidden in an abandoned Nazi bunker, where Slavic mythology mixes with unusual technology.

Paradise Lost is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (via Steam) in 2020.

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