Switch Version of THE HONG KONG MASSACRE Will Be Released by New Polish Game Publisher Untold Tales


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Switch Version of THE HONG KONG MASSACRE Will Be Released by New Polish Game Publisher Untold Tales

While Techland is still trying to get the long-delayed Dying Light 2 off the ground, a group of its former employees announced today that they have created Untold Tales, a new game publisher based in Warsaw.

According to the young Polish company, they're main mission is simple — "cutting the crap." Untold Tales will bring something new to the table, as their approach will reportedly be fair and custom to each project.

"Being selective and only focusing on one or two games at time ensures our devs are taken care of both during and after production and not feel like they’re just another name among ten others we are juggling," Untold Tales CEO Maciej Łączny said via a press release. "We also want them to feel they're allowed to focus on putting their game out where they are wanted. Times have changed significantly in how best to put a game out and that also means some platforms are better than others for certain games. It just doesn’t make sense to force devs to be everywhere to try to maximise exposure."

"Devs need to understand we don’t want the rights to your IP. We don't want revenue shares where you end up screwed," Vice President and Head of Business Development Grzegorz Drabik added. "And we’ll never expect you to release something that isn’t ready and just wrecks your studio’s reputation. Rather we are going to have very open and transparent agreements, where a lot of our decisions will be based on data and community feedback and not some spray and pray mentality. As for players, except honest conversations, clear responses and no ludicrous 3 tiered pre-order campaigns with paid DLC waiting in the wings for a month later. We’ll ensure our games are supported post release as best as possible, be it with free updates or with bigger content if the dev team is onboard. It's going to be a very clear ‘What you bought is what was the full game’ approach here from the start."

The Switch port of The Hong Kong Massacre — which was supposed to be released by QubicGames — and the PS4 and Switch versions of Beautiful Desolation — South African developer The Brotherhood's isometric game — are not the only titles Untold Tales will bring to market in the coming months, as they have already signed a new publishing deal with a mysterious developer. The project will be available for consoles and PC.

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