AMNESIA REBIRTH: First Gameplay Footage for Frictional's Latest Horror Ends With a Bang


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AMNESIA: REBIRTH: First Gameplay Footage for Frictional's Latest Horror Ends With a Bang

Considering that Amnesia: Rebirth will finally arrive on PlayStation 4 and PC later this month, we still know surprisingly little about Frictional Games' sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which was released in 2010.

To make the wait a little easier to bear and shine a new light on Rebirth's core systems, the team at IGN has released nearly 5 minutes of pulse-pounding gameplay footage for the fast-approaching game, focusing on one of the unique first-person horror's environmental puzzles involving two gates, a candle, and a grenade.

Although the threequel will introduce plenty of never-before-seen gameplay mechanics and improvements — including a completely redesigned sanity system, which will now be one of most pivotal features of the title — fans of The Dark Descent should be able to return to the familiar world without feeling overwhelmed.

"The basic loop remains the same, but the devil's really in the detail," Creative Director Thomas Grip told IGN. "Using the original Amnesia formula has been very important to us as we want the game to feel like [an] Amnesia game. We also want to make sure that it feels fresh though, and combining these two has been a challenge. Mostly it's about changes that might sound small, but have a huge impact."

To learn a little bit more about the core game mechanics of Amnesia: Rebirth, take a look at this new video:

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