MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN REMASTERED Creative Director Explains Why John Bubniak Won't Return as Peter


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MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN REMASTERED Creative Director Explains Why John Bubniak Won't Return as Peter

There's no denying that the decision to recast Peter Parker's face model for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered has sparked controversy among fans of Insomniac Games' original and John Bubniak's take on the hero.

Considering that the Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered announce trailer is YouTube's most disliked trailer for a video game since the first Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time Remake video, it shouldn't be surprising that the game's creative director has joined the conversation to explain why Ben Jordan will replace Bubniak.

According to Bryan Intihar, it all comes down to the technology powering Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and their future adventures, as Jordan is reportedly a "better facial match" for Yuri Lowenthal, who will continue voicing Insomniac's Peter. If you're confused now, it's worth remembering that Lowenthal only voices Parker, with other actors actually playing him via motion capture.

While it's just speculation on our part, it's hard not to notice that Jordan looks a lot like Tom Holland — the actor portraying Parker on the big screen since 2016's Captain America: Civil War — so there's a chance that the highly unpopular decision was motivated by Sony's corporate synergy rather than the technology itself.

Although this whole situation is rather unexpected and weird, the fact that Peter Parker will join Marvel's Avengers at some point next year will only make it even more complicated, as we will get three different versions of the same character in the span of three years. Thankfully, Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered will hit stores on the 12th of November, giving us the chance to judge Ben Jordan's performance for ourselves.

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