THE PATHLESS Is Officially a PlayStation 5 Launch Title; Giant Squid's Game Will Run at 60FPS


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THE PATHLESS Is Officially a PlayStation 5 Launch Title; Giant Squid's Game Will Run at 60FPS

Giant Squid — the award-winning team responsible for 2016's underwater adventure ABZÛ — has revealed that their next major project — a unique sandbox called The Pathless — will be a PlayStation 5 launch title.

You read that right, The Pathless releases for PS5 on November 12. Those who are not planning to purchase the next-gen console anytime soon should be happy to hear that Giant Squid's next adventure will also be available for PS4 and PC (unfortunately for some players, only via the Epic Games Store) on the same day.

"Here at Giant Squid, we’ve been busy the last few months putting the finishing touches on the world of The Pathless," Creative Director Matt Nava said. "Every corner of the huge open world is handcrafted to provide a truly rewarding exploratory experience. Players will want to leave no stone unturned, as every nook and cranny holds a secret, be it long-forgotten lore or a [...] puzzle to solve," Nava added.

Unlike the vast majority of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild–like titles, the fast-approaching open-world project will feature no map (it's understandable giving that we're talking about a game titled The Pathless), forcing players to pay close attention to the environment shrouded in darkness. Although the game's world is rather unforgiving, it's also a vibrant place inhabited by (often truly enormous) monsters.

In The Pathless, you will take on the role of the Hunter, a master archer who embarks on a great journey to lift the curse that grips her world. According to Giant Squid, your adventure will be playable in 60FPS and won't be interrupted by any excessive loading screens — if you're experiencing it on PS5 or a high-end PC.

Considering that The Pathless will make its long-awaited debut next month — it's worth remembering that it was announced in December 2018 — we should learn a whole lot more about the project in the near future.

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