SCARLET NEXUS: Bandai Namco Explains Meaning of Game's Mysterious Title in First Dev Diary


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SCARLET NEXUS: Bandai Namco Explains Meaning of Game's Mysterious Title in First Dev Diary

In the first dev diary for the upcoming Scarlet Nexus jRPG — developed by the Code Vein team — Bandai Namco has had a chance to share new details about the real meaning of their next major production's title.

According to Producer Keita Iizuka, the mysterious title is "made up of 2 concepts, where Scarlet means 'red' and Nexus means 'connection.' The visual expression of 'objects or persons connected with red lines' represents a big part in the visuals and key art of Scarlet Nexus," the Code Vein producer said.

"This is one of the main characteristics of the game," Game Director Kenji Anabuki added. "Also, Mr. Iizuka mentioned the keyword "red lines" previously, which you can also find in the theme song Dream in Drive by The Oral Cigarettes." You can take a look at a new trailer featuring the song here

"Another interpretation for the title [...] can also be 'red bonds,'" Art Director Kouta Ochiai said. "When we started making the game, we wanted to show off the concept "kizuna" (bonds) in different ways. That's why we also used expressions such as 'red strings,' 'lines that connect you with your buddies.'"

For those unfamiliar with Scarlet Nexus, it is set in a world where hostile aliens from outer space attack Earth all of a sudden. Unfortunately for mankind, the human brain is what the deadly interdimensional flower-like monsters like the most. To stop them, the world's greatest warriors will join forces despite their differences.

As a friendly reminder, Scarlet Nexus is a cross-gen production heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC. To learn more about the project's title and its makers, check out this dev diary:

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