Movie Games Has Released a Completely Free Demo for GAS STATION SIMULATOR on Steam


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Movie Games Has Released a Completely Free Demo for GAS STATION SIMULATOR on Steam

If you're one of those individuals who have always dreamt of running a profitable gas station, Movie Games and DRAGO entertainment have got you covered, as their Gas Station Simulator has received a free demo.

"In this demo we set you up with a gas station that is mostly renovated and [...] somewhat equipped that you have run for a day or two," Movie Games said. "Fill up cars, sell goods in your tiny gas station store, do some smaller car repairs, whatever it takes to keep customers satisfied. That means keeping the place clean, too. With the limited scope of a demo we wanted to give you a good idea of how running a gas station in our game feels and let you experience some of the base mechanics you will see in the full game. While it is just a tiny portion of things you will be able to do in Gas Station Simulator, we feel it provides a very nice experience and outlook onto the final product. Give it a try and let us know how you liked it, we would love to read your feedback," the Polish publisher concluded.

According to Movie Games, Gas Station Simulator — which was announced over a year ago — will arrive on PC (via Steam) in Q1 2021 (at some point between the beginning of January and end of March of next year).

It's worth remembering that Gas Station Simulator is not the only major project Cracow-based video game developer DRAGO entertainment has in the pipeline, as the studio is also working on a new zombie shooter Red Frost (previously titled FrostFall) and five never-before-seen simulators: Airport Contraband, Food Truck Simulator, Detective Simulator, Paparazzi Simulator, and finally the newly revealed Winter Survival Simulator.

To learn more about Gas Station Simulator, take a closer look at the latest trailer for the game down below:

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