Nightdive Shares New SHADOW MAN REMASTERED Screenshots and Details Biggest Improvements


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Nightdive Shares New SHADOW MAN REMASTERED Screenshots and Details Biggest Improvements

There's no denying that the recent reveal of Shadow Man Remastered made a lot of fans happy, and while the title still doesn't have a release date, Nightdive Studios has shared some new details on the horror game.

With Shadow Man Remastered coming to PC and consoles sometime next year, players will finally be able to experience the dark glory of the original in 4K (featuring razor-sharp textures) and with modernised controls.

"The most meaningful change from an artistic perspective is the lighting," CEO Stephen Kick told IGN.

According to Kick, his team has implemented "fully dynamic lighting to create a new but familiar world to explore. The particles, projectiles, and flames all emanate an eerie other-worldly glow that cast haunting shadows. When you’re playing a horror game the lighting plays a huge role in creating the atmosphere and we wanted to ensure that we contributed to the feeling of dread you experience in both the Liveside and Deadside levels." As a reminder, the project is powered by the original KEX Engine.

When it comes to other major improvements over the beloved original, Shadow Man Remastered will also feature at least several new levels, enemies, and bosses that were cut during the production of the classic.

Nightdive Studios has also assured fans that the eagerly awaited remaster of Shadow Man is still scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam and GOG) at some point next year.

Be sure to take a closer look at the never-before-seen screenshots for Shadow Man Remastered down below:

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