THE MEDIUM: Bloober Team Explains Why They Use SILENT HILL–Like Fixed Camera Angles


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THE MEDIUM: Bloober Team Explains Why They Use SILENT HILL–Like Fixed Camera Angles

Although The Medium is a major next-gen project, it won't shy away from paying homage to beloved horror video games that came out in the 1990s, naturally including Capcom's Resident Evil and Konami's Silent Hill.

During a new interview, Bloober Team has had a chance to explain why The Medium — which will be finally arriving on Xbox Series and PC in January — will feature classic semi-fixed camera angles (for the most part).

According to Producer Jacek Zięba, there are at least several reasons why Bloober's next-gen horror won't have the popular third-person point of view. "One is because we primarily built a game in two worlds," Zięba told GamingBolt. "We experimented with various camera angles during development, and we ultimately decided that the use of semi-fixed camera angles was the best solution for the most comfortable [...] experience when it comes to exploring the world in either a single or dual reality."

It's no secret that The Medium is strongly inspired by the original Silent Hill and Resident Evil games, and the aforementioned semi-fixed camera angles allow the team to play up the nostalgia factor to a greater extent.

Interestingly enough, Zięba may have also shared first details about one of Bloober's upcoming projects, as the Cracow-based video game developer is planning to use "a third-person perspective in the future."

Unfortunately, the only thing we know about the Layers of Fear team's next project is the fact that it will be an all-new entry in a well-known franchise. Although many players believe that Bloober is actually working on a new Silent Hill video game in secret, the studio has not officially revealed their mysterious title just yet.

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