Bloober Team Reveals Why SILENT HILL–Inspired THE MEDIUM Won't Be Available for Xbox One


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Bloober Team Reveals Why SILENT HILL–Inspired THE MEDIUM Won't Be Available for Xbox One

The Medium has been in the works for more than 8 years now, but Bloober Team's next big thing is no ghost of the past, as the Silent Hill–like title will put the sheer power of Xbox Series and high-end PCs to good use.

To bring The Medium's unique dual-reality mechanic to life — which will allow you to explore two different worlds at the same time — without compromising their vision, the company ultimately decided to cancel the game's last-gen version and focus solely on making it the best possible experience on Xbox Series and PC.

"When we have both these realistic graphics in the game and two worlds existing at the same time, it just wasn't possible to run on the old consoles," Lead Game Designer Wojciech Piejko told GamesRadar+. "Horsepower is the main ingredient that lets The Medium exist as a playable game, so we knew we needed to aim for the next-generation consoles — which is why we started talking with Microsoft."

Considering The Medium is one of the very few "real" next-gen projects that will hit store shelves during the first half of 2021 — as Arkane's Deathloop and Capcom's Resident Evil Village are the only noteworthy titles built with the power of next-gen consoles in mind to make their debut in the not-too-distant-future — you should definitely keep a close eye on the Observer: System Redux studio's biggest production to date.

Although the Cracow-based video game developer and publisher has not shared any concrete details about the title's PlayStation 5 port yet, the fact that The Medium is being marketed as a timed Xbox Series console exclusive suggests it will also release for Sony's cutting-edge system at a later date. We'll keep you updated.

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