Sony Shares MONSTER HUNTER Posters to Celebrate Chinese Debut (Which Isn't Happening Due to a Joke)


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Sony Shares MONSTER HUNTER Posters to Celebrate Chinese Debut (Which Isn't Happening Due to a Joke)

Sony has released four never-before-seen posters for Monster Hunter to celebrate the film's debut in China; the problem is, the film likely won't be premiering in the Middle Kingdom anytime soon due to a racist joke.

Although Monster Hunter was supposed to hit Chinese theaters today (December 4), it's no longer the case.

According to those who have already had a chance to see Monster Hunter, a character in the movie tells the following joke at one point: "What kind of knees are these? Chinese." Although the purpose of the pun (?) remains unknown (perhaps we're missing the point), what we do know is that it's considered racist in China.

You read that right — director Paul W. S. Anderson and the team behind the adaptation decided that it'd be a good idea to insult its target audience. As a result, all Chinese showtimes of the movie are being cancelled.

"Exhibitors got notification in midnight without clear reason, but industry believe it's because a racist joke about Chinese after audience reflected on social media," Chinese film market tracker Gavin Feng said (via Twitter). Reportedly, Sony Pictures and Constantin Film will get permission to screen in China if they manage to distribute new copies of the film — without the unnecessary, stupidly offensive scene — on time.

While we're patiently waiting for more details as the situation develops, take a look at these all-new posters:

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